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When should you see a doctor for pain?

Find out how early you should consider making an appointment with a pain doctor. Watch the video for recommendations.

When do we treat patients with chronic pain?

There can be a lot of options for treating patients’ pain. Watch the video for more information.

What is chronic pain?

Find out how you determine if you have chronic pain.

What is a pain doctor?

Dr. Ybarra explains what a pain doctor offers to patients.

What is fibromyalgia?

Pain physician Dr. Ybarra explains fibromyalgia.

How do we help patients with cancer?

These are some ways we may help a patient experiencing cancer.

What are treatments for Shingles?

Dr. Ybarra explains some information about Shingles.

How does a Spinal Cord Stimulator help with pain?

Learn more about spinal cord stimulators.

How do you treat pain?

Dr. Ybarra describes treatments for all types of pain.

How does Radiofrequency Ablation help with pain?

Learn more about radiofrequency ablation.

What happens during your first visit with ReleviiMed?

Learn more about what to expect from your first visit.